General Guidelines.

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General Guidelines.

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:49 pm

-General Guidelines for the use of the forum.-

 Filing Of Cases.

I) ALL cases filed should follow the templates provided.
    This is to ensure an efficient and effective system is introduced.

II) ALL cases should be filed regardless of its outcome.

III) After a case has reached its conclusion the Public Secretary should
be responsible in filing it in the archives. This is to ensure
we would have precedence for our future cases.

IV) Ensure that evidences are also archived after the 
conclusion of the case.  Otherwise evidences 
should not be tampered with at ALL. Doing so 
will lead to your dismissal from the unit and puts you on
a blacklist which does not allow you to join any 
other HIA Special Unit.

Forum Etiquette

I) Spamming any section of the forum would lead to a ban on your account 
for an undisclosed period of time. 

II) Banning of members or locking of articles will only be approved by the 
 Public Secretary.

III) Moderator status is only awarded to members who are active in both HIA and 
the LA forum. They are responsible for updating the forum once a week.


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