Terms Of Alliance.

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Terms Of Alliance.

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:18 pm

Terms and Conditions

Alliance Policy is on the Section XI on the Code of conduct page!

We do not accept alliance with agencies with contact with:

Virtual Spies 

United Nations 


Virtual FBI

Newyork Police Department 

Condition to request alliance: - 

  • The requesting allies MUST have 5,000 or more members on the main badge.

  • The requesting allies MUST have an active HQ

  • The requesting allies MUST have a common agreement to the National Punishment

  • The requesting allies MUST not have any interaction with: Interpol, VFBI, United Nations and CSI 

  • The requesting allies MUST have a VIP or Alliance badge.

Terms of alliance: - 

  • Allies MUST try to help the [HIA] if in need. 

  • Allies MUST NOT accept [HIA] Transfers. 

  • Allies MUST NOT plot against [HIA]. 

  • Allies MUST NOT hire anyone facing the national punishment. 

  • Allies MUST try to take part in [HIA] External Events interaction. 

  • Allies MUST NOT interact with: UN, VFBI, or NCA

(All Terms Will Also be Followed By The [HIA])

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